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Salmotrip: Feasibilty study of Triploid Atlantic Salmon Production 2008-2010

Project coordinated by Dr Herve Migaud (herve.migaud at stir dot ac dot uk) at The Institute of Aquaculture - University of Stirling

Latest News

5-8 October 2010, Porto Portugal

European Aquaculture Society meeting

Seafarming tomorrow


The Salmotrip consortium will organise a session on Thursday 7th October 2010 (10.30-12.30) where five presentations will be given by a range of partners involved in the project to introduce the project and present the findings obtained so far. A project stand (booth 81) will also be available where information on the project and partners will be available. We hope to see you there! More info

pdf 1 Migaud et a Intro Salmotrip
pdf 2 Taylor et al
pdf 3 Fjelldall and Hansen
pdf 4 Breck et al
pdf 5 Kole et al

7-10 September 2009

5th fish and shellfish larviculture symposium, Ghent University (Visit website)

Family And Ploidy Effects On Larvae Survival, Deformities And Performance In Atlantic Salmon

J. F. Taylor1, P. Gunnar Fjelldal2, D. Guy3, T. Hansen2 and H. Migaud1.

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20-24 September 2009

International Workshop on smoltification, Oregon State University (Visit website)

Presentation on Parr-smolt Transformation In Out-of-season Triploid Atlantic Salmon (salmo Salar L.) - by Taylor J.F., Leclercq E., Preston A.C., Guy D., and Migaud H.

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21 May 2009

Sterile salmon: toward a more sustainable and eco-friendly industry Fish Farmer, October 2008

In recent years there has been a dramatic increase in the production of farmed Atlantic salmon within Europe raising concerns about the environmental impact of these activities. One particular area for concern is the increase in escapee fish and their effects on wild populations. As an example, in Scotland alone, 52 escapee events were reported between 2003 and 2005. Thus there is an urgent need to address the negative environmental impact of farmed salmon escapees. Furthermore, with greater public awareness and the growing emphasis to protect natural resources, the development and implementation of new environmental regulations is required to maintain a sustainable and eco-friendly industry.

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5 November 2008

Triploid salmon: current knowledge, new concepts and further developments Scottish Salmon Producer Association

'SUSTAINABLE SALMON' A technical seminar to enhance, examine and inform the sustainable development of salmon farming in Scotland.

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